Motorcycle loan buyback, motorcycle loan

Dedicated to the acquisition of a new or used motorcycle, the motorcycle loan is an affected consumer loan, but it is also possible to take out a personal loan to buy a motorcycle. In all cases, this type of financing can be the subject of a grouping of credits. Motorcycle credit: the characteristics As part […]

Loans for pensioners – what you should consider

  Loans applicable for retirees In recent years, a change in the credit institutions is noted. More and more banks and credit intermediaries specialize in certain groups of people, including those who offer a loan for retirees. Often it was hard for a retiree to get a loan for retirees. This is a rethinking done […]

How to get a car loan during probationary period

  In contrast to the granting of a cash loan, other guidelines apply to car loans and thus a loan approval can be made possible. If it comes to the award of a car loan, then there is the security not only in the income of the prospect, but also in the vehicle. As additional […]

Loan without proof of salary – is it there?

Many banks refuse loans if the borrower can not prove a regular income. Banks protect themselves and the borrower with this scheme in order to avoid losses and to protect the borrower from further debts. Despite all this, in some cases a loan without a salary certificate is possible. Loans for freelancers and the self-employed […]

How to get the car loan from a bank

Make a non-binding loan request now Make a non-binding loan request now – with instant confirmation Credit Amount: loan amount 1.000 € 1.250 € 1,500 € 1,750 € 2,000 € 2,250 € 2,500 € 2,750 € 3,000 € 3,250 € 3,500 € 3,750 € 4,000 € 4,250 € 4,500 € 4,750 € 5,000 € 5,250 […]

Loans in difficult cases

Difficult cases in Loans A borrowing is always an individual, contractual process in which different bargaining positions and estimates in interest terms and contract details are reflected. This applies equally to private and commercial loans. How much room for maneuver is available to the respective contracting party is shown regularly during necessary renegotiations during the […]

Credit despite existing loans

Ideal for existing loans Start your loan request now (there is no contract yet). After checking your request, the money is already in your account after 4 days. You just have to accept our offer. If not, then not. No hook, no cost. Many people seek a loan despite existing loans. This can have different […]

Reclassify loans

  Options of reclassification of loans If you want to repost loans, you have several options. You can contact your local bank or any other bank. An important role in choosing the lender plays the question of whether you already have negative credit bureau entries. In that case, it can sometimes be difficult to repatriate […]

Bridging loan for the self-employed – is it?

A credit always checks the economic creditworthiness of the applicant. This check is made by proof of income such as payslips or tax assessments. For self-employed persons, these proofs of income can not be tested because they have no permanent employment. For this reason, the creditworthiness must be undertaken by means of other documents. As […]


Debt Consolidation: Consolidation Meaning Nora Helmer and Debt, it is convenient, how it works

What is debt consolidation? Debt Consolidation Definition: debt consolidation, also commonly called debt consolidation or consolidation Dora Kentel, consists in closing all existing loan or mortgage contracts and opening a new loan that replaces all previous ones. In practice, with debt consolidation, all of its loans are merged into a single loan. All existing Dora […]